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Maintaining Curb Appeal – Even in the Winter Months

Maintaining Curb Appeal - Even in the Winter Months

Summer is over, and the beauty of fall in Upstate New York has swept over us. Colder weather will be moving in soon, along with all of the fun snow and ice that comes with it. But that doesn’t mean that buyers are not still out there looking. Even more so than any other time of the year, curb appeal is important. First impressions of your home can mean the difference between potential buyers coming in to have a look and falling in love with it (and making an offer), or simply passing by and purchasing another home up the street. Here are some tips for keeping the exterior of your home looking great during colder months:

Make Safety a Priority – Be sure driveways, walkways, and stairs are cleared of ice, snow, and leaves. You want your home to be approachable, and certainly want to prevent any accidents on your property.

Fresh Paint – …is even more important in the winter months. Bare trees give buyers an even clearer view of the exterior of your home, and faded or chipped paint will really stand out. Give your home a fresh coat or two if need be.

Light the Way – Consider installing path lighting leading to the front door. These will make your home more inviting to buyers who may be viewing your home at night, due to the shorter days of winter. At the entrance, consider installing decorative sconces or lanterns – these will say “Welcome Home!” to prospective buyers.

Keep Winter Decorations Simple and Tasteful – Perhaps a nice wreath on the front door, some firewood neatly stacked on a wall, or white lights strung around the shrubbery. Try to avoid Clark Griswold level decorations – these can distract from the home itself.

Clean the Gutters – Remove leaves and other debris from gutters to maintain a clean look. It also shows that you care about exterior maintenance.

Don’t Forget the Lawn – Keep it tidy so buyers can still envision what it might look like in the spring and summer.

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